As The Sleeper Awakes

Chapter 2, Session 2

The party was walking down the street being led to a location recommended by Caranthir. They noticed a white-robed figure following them and ducked into an alley. The figure appears behind them and identifies herself as Illibrianne, an acquantance of Ulris. She says one of the party members is a plant and leading us to danger. Kykryn runs off. Illibrianne identifies Caranthir as the plant. Anders attacks her and damages her and then Bost heals her and shouts to wait and talk more. Illibrianne teleports behind Caranthir and cuts him with her dagger. Green ooze flows from the dagger into Caranthir and he bleeds black. Aelara tries to cast a spell and begins to thrash about strangely. Illibrianne says that this is not really Caranthir but is a magical impostor.

Suddenly, a seemingly drunk, extra-short, extra-stocky dwarf walks into the alley. The dwarf sticks his finger into Caranthir’s wound and smells it. Caranthir begs the dwarf to help against Illibrianne. Bost heals Khor and Caranthir.

Illibrianne attacks Caranthir again but misses. The dwarf attacks also but misses. Khor drops his sword and grapples Caranthir and attempts to convince everyone to stop fighting. Caranthir maintains his innocence. Aelara continues to flail around and hallucinate.

Anders attacks Caranthir but hits Khor instead but doesn’t hurt him. The dwarf asks Khor if he should attack Caranthir and Khor says no. Illibrianne attacks Caranthir and slashes him across his chest. He appears to have no ribs, only black ooze. She says, “Look! That is not your friend but a fiend!.” Khor attempts to knock him out and knocks his head off. Black tentacles emerge from the head and body and attempt to reconnect. Aelara continues to flail around hallucinate in her invisible net. Bost, horrified by the creature in front of him, attacks but misses. The dwarf attacks Caranthir who splits in half and then recombines. Caranthir attacks the dwarf and gives him ongoing necrotic damage. He turns to a puddle of slime, moves away, reforms looking like Aelara and grapples with her.

Anders sends Cornelius to bite Caranthir but bites Aelara instead. The dwarf attacks Caranthir and misses. Bost misses. Illibrianne attacks with a critical strike, cutting off his head. Caranthir reforms and now looks like Khor. Khor attacks with his dagger and the creature mimics the same attack against Khor. Aelara casts a net on Illibrianne. The creature attacks Khor, teleports, takes the look of Bost and tries to grapple him. Anders throws a vial of brine at the creature. It splashes on the dwarf and Khor also. The creature stiffens and collapses. The dwarf becomes catatonic.

At this point, David needs a break to ponder the situation.

Bost stares at the still frozen creature. Illibrianne teleports over to the creature and asks what happened. Anders says “I fixed him”. In fact, the creature is now a thrall. Khor moves to the dwarf and checks on him. The dwarf is thrashing about, consistent with someone who has successfully taken the brine. Aelara, still confused, is convinced by Bost to not attack Illibrianne.

Illibrianne says she is glad we came to our senses. She says the creature is from the Order of the Moth. Caranthir is being held by the order after having been kidnapped outside the Runed Palm. Anders takes control of the thrall and commands it to take her form. The group debates whether to take the dwarf back to Ulris. Illibrianne suggests they do so Khor fashions a make-shift litter to transport the dwarf. Illibrianne leads the party back through guarded streets. She tells the group that Ulris is part of the Veiled Alliance.

Once back at Ulris’s place, he takes the dwarf to a healing area, and expresses his joy that the group is safe. He encourages the group to rest and will discuss helping Caranthir in the morning.

200XP per person for this encounter and 200 RP XP for last session.



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