As The Sleeper Awakes

Chapter 2, Session 3

Poison in the alley

The party awakes in the morning refreshed. The dwarf was thirsty for rations and after drinking three, wants spirits. His name is Thoradane. A servent comes in with food and drink.

After a hearty breakfast, Ulris enters and greets the party with news of Caranthir. He is being held in a warehouse by the Order of the Moth. Also, the plans to assassinate the arena champion, Darphur, are proceeding.

Anders Wants to go shopping and then to the arena.
Thoradane Will do what Khor decides.
Bost Wants to find Kykryn.
Aelara Will do what Khor decides.
Khor Wants to find Caranthir.

The party seeks advice from Illibriene on the best way to infiltrate the warehouse. She recommends a circuitous route during the evening but there may be enough crowds during the day to hide your movements. As Illibrianne leads the party through the streets, Khor gets his pockets picked of some porcelain. Aelara yells at a kid before he tries to steal from her. As he runs away, she notices a moth tattoo on his shoulder, indicating the Order of the Moth.

The party happens upon a part of town avoided by others. There are many warehouses here and the streets and alleys are deserted. Illibrianne point out the warehouse where Caranthir is being held. It appears unguarded. We notice birds flying in and out of the building. Moths? We look around for another entrance. With some successful sneaking, the party find no apparent entrance but the do find some indentations that could be used for climbing by a child. The building is 30’ high. As the group ponders their next move, Anders lands on Thoradane having fallen off the roof.

Anders take a rope and climbs the building. A few minutes later, Anders climbs back down and the group quickly notices that it’s not really Anders. A small humanoid with a moth tattoo on it’s shoulder throws off it’s cloak revealing a bandolier with several clear vials of something green. Aelara says the vials contain something alchemical and may explode.

The creature moves toward the party. Bost summons his spirit, attacks and misses. Thoradane moves up and the kid tries to break a vial on him. A bit of the poison gets on Thoradane but it has no effect. He swings at the kid, breaks a vial, and mist fills the air. He attacks again and knocks him prone. Khor attacks and cuts the bad guys head in half and also breaks several of the vials creating a massive cloud of poison. Aelara is able to get out of the way. Bost and Thoradane get affected. Khor is not affected.

Bost passes out. Thoradane passes out. Khor passes out. Illibrianne blinks into the cloud based on bad advice from Aelara and passes out. Just then, Kykryn shows up and casts a tornado to disperse the cloud.

The asleep party members have a dream where Illibrianne has the reformed crystal. She takes it to a carcass and tries to put it in a slot. Urgen shows up and impales her on a spear. Then everyone except Illibrianne wakes up undamaged. A search of the body by Bost reveals two unbroken vials.

Kykryn climbs the building.



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