As The Sleeper Awakes

Chapter 2, Session 4

No Money in the Till

The party drags Illibrianne around the corner and covers the faux-Anders.

Lacking any way into the Order of the Moth building, they decide to get a look from the roof of a nearby buildings. They investigate the building to the north. It appears to have once been a tavern and there is a musical instrument in the main area and a stone door behind the bar. Thoradane suggests looking behind the door. He can’t budge the door and attempts to kick it in. The thought this being a storeroom for beer must have spoke to the universe because he rolled a natural 20 and obliterated the door. In the room is a glorious collection of wines and spirits and a desk made of a scarab shell. Bost notices an old rug with the symbol of a moth woven into the pattern in the center of the room. The rug appears to have been moved recently.

Aelara examines the papers on the desk. She finds what appears to be a suicide note. The writes apologizes for their son who poisoned the drinks, killing the patrons, leading to the demise of the area. She also finds 10 ceramic coins. On the back of the letter are some musical notes.

Meanwhile, Thoradane has down half-a-bottle of something but suffers no ill effects. Khor brings Illibrianne inside.

Bost moves the rug which disintegrates with age. Underneath, is a set of slate “cellar” doors with rope handles. Bost grabs one of the doors but lacks the strength to open it. Khor tries and it still, it won’t budge. Thoradane tries to smash the door with his flail but before he hits it, the door swings open and hits him in the face and knocks him unconscious. Coming up from below is none other than Kykryn, Anders, and Caranthir.


Bost asks them what happened? Anders had entered the OotM building via a slide from the roof. It was hot and steamy, so she took off her cloak and left it. She found Caranthir strapped to an upright table, barely conscious. Kykryn showed up and they fashioned sled to carry Caranthir. They found a tunnel that led to the old tavern.

Khor goes back to look outside and sees robed figures milling about. They have found the body and they are coming towards the tavern. Khor warns the party and readies himself around the corner of the door. Kykryn moves outside into the alley. One of the robed figures move to Kykryn, attacks and misses. Another figure enters the tavern earning an AoO from Khor. Another figure moves to the window and shoots bolt into the bar but misses. Anders aims at the ruffian in the tavern and hits. Caranthir rouses, leaves the storeroom and attacks the ruffian with a rainbow but misses. Bost summons his spirit and attacks the ruffian near Kykryn. Aelara attacks and misses. Khor attacks the bad guy in the bar and cleaves him in two. As the body hits the floor, it turns into sand.

Khor moves outside and hits the guy on Kykryn, cutting off his arm. Kykryn attacks his guy and hits. That guy turns to face Khor and hits him. The ruffian at the window shoots a crossbow bolt at Khor and hits him, and then starts to run away. Anders backflips off the bar and through the window, summons her all-seeing eye to gain LoS, and attacks the running ruffian but misses. Caranthir goes up the stairs and opens a door revealing a tripwire. Bost has his spirit attack the bad guy on Kykryn and kills him. Aelara moves to the organ.

Khor ran towards the guy fleeing. Kykryn runs after the ruffian and yells at him, assuring him that we mean him no harm. The guy stops, turns and actually embraces Kykryn, breaking down into tears, wailing about how scared he was. Anders moves up, joining the hugfest and attempts to pick the ruffians pockets, earning 12 ceramics and a worthless pocket knife made of flint. She goes back inside the tavern.

Caranthir examines the silver wire and steps over it into the room. He looks around the room and suddenly feels something bite him on the neck. He brushes it off and it skitters away up the fireplace. In the fireplace, he can see webs. He finds a skeleton whose bones have strange growths on them. He leaves the room and goes to open another door which seems to be held back by something. Peeking in the crack, he can see webs and hear skittering. Another of the doors is locked. He goes back downstairs.

Anders goes upstairs to the room with the skeleton and sees it is wearing a necklace. She gets her dog to pull the skeleton out the window. Seeing a nasty halfling and a onyx dog carrying a deformed skeleton out the window, the ruffian faints. Wandering a bit, she finds a cart with two Crudlu.

Khor goes in the tavern and gives Thoradane a healing potion, then takes him to the cart. He goes back inside to the organ.

Aelara dusts off the keys on the organ and sees symbols on them. She hits the keys in order based on the symbols on the letter. When she does, she hears a “click” upstairs. Khor calls for Anders and they go upstairs with Bost. They check out the rooms. The room with the door that was hard to push because of the webs, Khor breaks down and falls into the room. Small spiders begin biting him, paralyzing him. A big spider in the room stands up. Aelara runs upstairs. Anders throws a vial of brine at Khor. The big spider screeches and the little spiders, flee Khor before the brine touches them. Anders slingshots another vial of brine at the big spider. The spider jumps at Anders but she dodges. The hatchlings pull Khor further into the room. Bost summons his spirit and gets a hit on the big spider. Aelara tries to psychically mess with the spider and stuns it. This enables Anders to make a powerful attack against the spider, killing it and the hatchlings. Khor, wrapped in webs, starts regaining control of himself and breaks out.

Anders opens the previously locked door to find some type of alchemical lab. There is an open cage with webs in it. Bost find some “Robbers Caps”, that are used to enhance poisons. He takes a sample.

We load everyone back into the cart and start heading back to The Oasis.

350XP per person

“If you can’t eat it, run from it” – Anders



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