As The Sleeper Awakes

Chapter 2, Session 5

The Crucifixion of Kykryn

As we headed back to the oasis, Khor‘s joints start stiffening. Later, he starts skittering and his teeth falling out. Anders scoops up three of them. Other than that, our journey is uneventful. As the guards assist us inside and notice Khor’s state. They call for a healer lady who explains that he will die if not treated soon. Caranthir has apparently used all of the anti-venom. The healer explains that she will need venom from the spider. Anders produces mandibles from one of the spiders and gives them to the healer with the understanding that the empty mandibles are returned to her. Unfortunately, they don’t

When asked about Caranthir, the staff indicated that he was healed and left immediately. Ulris tells the us Khor is doing well and should be fully healed in about eight hours. He also tells us that the arena champion will be killed tonight and this may be the last opportunity for some time to obtain the shard.

The arena champion has a party to celebrate his “victory” over his latest challenger. We can sneak into the party disguised as waitstaff. Ulris suggests Anders have her changeling take on the form of Darphur and we pose as his guards. Anders wants to poison the drink at the party with brine.

Kykryn gets the two vials of green stuff from Bost, the two of them decide to sneak into the party as waitstaff. Aelara follows them. At the entrance to the party, we are stopped by a guard who asks us our business there. We tell him that we are slaves of Jarba Derhuf and are here to assist. The guard tells them that Jarba just happens to be here and goes to fetch him. Jarba comes out and greets us. He tells the guard to allow Bost in, refuse entrance for Aelara, and put Kykryn under arrest. Aelara hangs back to observe.

Caranthir and Aelara embark on an attempt to rescue. A pitched battle ensues. After seeing magic, a templar is summoned wielding a Gatling crossbow. He yells for the battle to cease, and Kykryn advises his friends that it is not worth trying to fight this guy, and renews his requests to speak with Jarba.


Caranthir and Aelara make their way back to the oasis (separately). Caranthir wakes (both) Anders and demands one of the shards in order to rescue Kykryn. She refuses and insults his decision-making skills. Khor, conscious now, asks Caranthir about his plan. Caranthir wants to use the shard to amplify his power to break in to the templar tower to save Kykryn.

After consulting with ulris, the party rests. Except for Aelara of course who heads out into the city on her own. During her wanderings, she comes upon Kykryn, crucified between two others. One of the nearby guards pulls out a chitin spear and stabs Kykryn under the ribs. Water pours out from the wound for some frakked-up reason. With his last breath, he yells, “Freedom!” and as he dies, he defecates and puts everyone asleep due to the green potions that he hid in his ass. When the crowd wakes up, the body is gone, thus setting the stage for the birth of a religion on Athas in the years to come.

Anders bluffs her way into the party, makes contact with Bost, and observes the movements and schedules of the staff/guards. After a few hours, she goes back to the kitchen and convinces him to take some beer to the guards. He delivers beer to the guards and returns to Anders. After that, she sneaks out and heads back to the oasis.

“If they’re dead, they can’t be pissed.” – Anders
“You don’t have to be smart, dummy” – Anders



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