Ander's Journal

Beginning :

Went to the festival of Erlan with Grilban, who got drunk and passed out as usual.
Had a strange dream about killing Shil Kah. Woke up from the dream and reflected upon the halfling lore regarding Shil’Kah. The halflings believe that upon Shil’Kah’s awakening they will all have a great feast. Decided that Shil’Kah would not be good to eat and since eating a god is at odds with the 12steps, switched sides and no longer wants for Shil’Kah to awaken. Has also decided to stop mixing blood and ale.

Learning :

A bunch of pushy guards woke us in the morning and took us to the big priesty leader guy, Urgen. Was the first time in the temple, lots of hiding places, but still kind of creepy. Urgen pulled off his mask and he ended up being the swordguy from the dream. That was weird. He talked a lot about Shil-Kah being false and the temple a guard or something and destiny, but his pacing was distracting. There are probably 3 bad guys to listen out for; Kriltan, Varis, and the sorcerer kings. Should listen out for word of glowing red stones, too. Halfling raiders are the current target. The pushy guards took us to that drunken dwarf Grilbans house where we swiped a few things and Arzt got a strange compass to lead us with. Then we got some big scaly mounts that look mean but are easy to ride. The guards finally left us and we got some buzz from the street on lizardrats who might help us near the city.

Fight with stupid lizardrats :

Stupid shifty robed guy’s info was not good enough. He’s going in the ledger. Sandrats would not cooperate and we had to kill them. Spent most of the fight knocked out due to cheap blow-darts. Then the caves were too small even for me to crawl into! Stupid annoying sandrats, we collapsed all of their tunnels real good so hopefully any left will starve. Shik-Tik is going in the ledger. Found a nice empty cave to camp out in.

The loss of a cool boat…oh and some lame halfling joined our party.

So we set out to continue our long journey to the halfling army. On the way we found a halfling being bullied by other halflings. Snuck into their camp and they fed me, was pretty awesome. We still killed them to help the guy being bullied. It made me a little sad since they fed me and all, but that’s okay. They had some kind of magic boxes that I couldn’t open. Even torturing the halfling I captured didn’t open them. The new guy, Kykryn has an awesome lizard pet he rides around on. He burned our awesome sand boat we got from the other halflings. I “kept watch” while he finished some ritual or something.

Half-giant death

Some mean lizards showed up while I was “keeping watch”. They totally killed Lo-Kag. I was so proud of myself for not making him or the dead halflings into jerky. 94 days clean! Kykryn finished his ritual while we killed the lizards and made jerky out of them. And surprisingly, we were able to pop the boxes when the ritual was done! Maybe this new guy will be useful after all. Was kind of a bust because the boxes only had some creepy faceless things inside. I went back to “keeping watch” and let everyone else deal with them. Not a bad day really, aside from Lo-Kag dying and all.

Ander's Journal

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