Chai-Tha's Journal


With the beer smelling like feet, i found myself surrounded by a group i had come to know quite well, the half humans are very strange to me, and i still feel like an outcast. Keeping to myself has so far seemed to be easiest but i’m not sure how much longer it will work. still not trusting the dumb ones and the mind bomb, i’m coming to find solace in a new friend, Ander, a short halfling woman who like me is battling with the urge to feed on the others.

Night coming to a close, we all stumbled to our rooms, where in the morning we all learned to have had the same strange dream. feeling a deep connection to the characters in the dream, we still all don’t know what it means.


Metting with the ancient one, i’ve dreaded this all night, for some reason i don’t feel comfortable near him. very large soulless ones came to escort us to the temple, slowly but surely we retrieved our information from the man, learning that the halflings have been attacking the walls of the city every night, and we are to retrieve a special crystal the possess. the crystal poses a major threat to the world, hoping to awaken the great Shil’Kah.

Asking around the town we learned that a silt runner tribe knows a fast way to the halfling source. and after a hard days ride we were attacked by the lizards. Ander and I had fallen unconscious after dealing great damage while the rest advanced on the beasts.defeating the runners and needing a rest, we approached a cavern i had remembered from many years ago. Finding it empty we took shelter for the night waiting for the sun to return.

Chai-Tha's Journal

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