Kahliahl is an oasis-city located deep within the ashen wastes, far from any of the Sorcerer King city-states.

Located at the center of Kahliahl is the great well, Shil-ah’tet, the ever-flowing chasm, and the source of the brine.

Kahliahl is one of Athas’ main suppliers of slaves. Slaves are forced to drink the brine of Shil-ah’tet in order to be transformed into thralls.

The city consists of two sub-tribes, the Kriltan, and the Orenlai. While usually at peace with one another, recent events have led the two tribes to feud bitterly with one another.

The Kriltan, consisting of the bulk of the tribes warriors, believe the Kah-i’al, the Awakening Stones, should be sought out and reunited, forcing Shil’Kah to awaken from her slumber. The Orenlai – wisemen and scribes and the only sect where anyone who shows the spark of magic is accepted – believe that doing so would only invoke the wrath of their lord.

Roving tribes of cannibals, halflings and those they have inducted as their own, have begun encroaching upon the area, launching raids at all times of the night.

Blood crazed and mad, the halflings seem to seek no other goal but to breach the great well, throwing themselves at the guards in waves and breaking only to return the next night with twice their numbers. No cannibal has breached the well yet, but it is only a matter of time before one does.
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