Khor's Journal

Session 1
Festival today. Blood will be shed tonight so we will have life for times to come. The priest has summoned us to visit him tomorrow.

Session 2
Awoke from an unusual dream. I was a sorcerer fighting a great, tentacled beast. I’m unsure of the others in the dream but I feel like I know them. I later found out that my friends had the same dream with the same outcome. From the priest, we learned that dream happened thousands of years before and the priest was present. It was the time the shards of Shilkah were acquired and split. The priest still holds one shard today.

The priest also spoke of raids from halflings in which everytime the halfings came close, the shard would glow brighter. He wanted us to investigate what was causing the shard to glow. He gave us directions to their keep.

While investigating, Anders learned of a encampment of runners that knew the location of the halflings. When visiting the runners, they became hostile. After a few devastating blows, I recovered and the fight turned in our favor.

Session 3
Followed the dried up river bed toward the halfling encampment. Along the journey, we hear a fight ahead. After some investigation, Anders was able to infiltrate the gang of halfling transporters. They held captive a halfling and lizard. The halfling named Kykryn started to escape and Anders decided it was time to break cover. As we entered the area, they were already deep in combat. After defeating the group of halflings, we discover they were transporters for magical items. Later that day, Lo-Kag died at the hands of lizards.

Session 4
We continued our journey down the river bed. We came across a large, decaying tortoise. Upon investigation it appeared to be a pirate’s vessel. Inside, halflings were used to fuel the tortoise.

Khor's Journal

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