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System: Dungeons & Dragons 4E
Setting: Dark Sun

Welcome to the campaign page for As The Sleeper Awakes!

As The Sleeper Awakes is a newly started campaign set in the brutal world of Athas.


Sunday, November 7th, 2010 – R.I.P. Lo-Kag: S1-S3, 2010

by David Wilt

Great session again guys! This was our first character death tonight. Such is the way of Athas.

Don’t forget to update your character journals!

We’ll pick up again with our next session on Nov 21st.

This will give you guys 5 days after the new character builder is released to update and refine your character sheets. Feel free to update any or all powers, feats, abilities, or statistic and skill scores. No changes to race or class though! (That is of course unless your character dies, in which case you can make a brand new character of your choosing.)

Here’s our current primary role breakdown:

DefenderLo-Kag (fighter)(deceased)
LeaderArzt (Shaman)
StrikerAnders (Rogue), Chai-Tha (Ranger), Khor (Barbarian)
ControllerAelara (Psion), Kykryn (Druid)

When refining your character, be sure to focus on your secondary role to fill the groups needs and to better flesh out your character background.

Also, please take the time to flesh out your character backgrounds as you learn more about the world we are playing in. Your story will of course evolve as we play, but the more we know about your background the easier it will be for all of us to get into the roleplaying portion of the game.

I’d prefer us making a page specifically for your character’s background/story-thus-far.

Links below:

Aelara’s Story
Ander’s Story
Arzt’s Story
Chai-Tha’s Story
Lo-kag’s Story
Khor’s Story
Kykryn’s Story

Here’s a great article (with links to more great articles) that may help you build out your character’s background: 27 Questions

One last bit of homework. I want to know what your motivation is! Take this short quiz and let me know what each of your answers are. This will allow me to better tailor our sessions so that everyone is having as much fun as possible.

Motivations Quiz

Sunday, October 31st, 2010 – Character Journals!

by David Wilt

Great session today folks! Hope you all had as much fun as I did.

I’ve started doing the Adventure Log. It’s far from complete, so please elaborate on it if you have the time:
Adventure Log

As we discussed, whenever you have the chance, please put together a character Journal. This will give a great perspective to each of us on how our individual characters have perceived the events thus far. Your journal can even go back farther than the events that have happened ‘in game’, so feel free to roleplay it up some and add some more character background.

Aelara’s Journal
Ander’s Journal
Arzt’s Journal
Chai-Tha’s Journal
Lo-kag’s Journal
Khor’s Journal
Kykryn’s Journal

Also, I’m going to make a reference chart of survival days expended thus far. Please take the time to fill out how many survival days you had before leaving and how many/what type you have used so far:

Survival Days

Also, if you haven’t had the time to finish your wishlists, please do so as soon as you can.


Monday, October 18th, 2010 – Homework time guys!

by David Wilt

I need each of you to come up with a list of magic items that you’d like your character to receive over the course of the adventure. Pick 2 to 3 items of each item level from character levels 3 to 8. You can use any official DnD 4E book (i.e. – PHB1, PHB2, PHB3, AV1, AV2, DSCS, etc.). The best place to find these items is by using the character builder. I believe the free trial actually has all magical items in it already. Just go to the ‘buy’ tab of any character sheet and start searching.

This is your wish list for 1st level. We’ll do this every time you level up. Pick the following:
2 to 3 Magical Weapons, Armor or Items that are item level 3.
2 to 3 Magical Weapons, Armor or Items that are item level 4.
2 to 3 Magical Weapons, Armor or Items that are item level 5.
2 to 3 Magical Weapons, Armor or Items that are item level 6.
2 to 3 Magical Weapons, Armor or Items that are item level 7.
2 to 3 Magical Weapons, Armor or Items that are item level 8.

IMPORTANT We’re playing in the Dark Sun setting, so please try to avoid using items that affect things like the weather, or make food and water appear.

ALSO IMPORTANT You can pick any metal magic item you like, but add some flare to it so that it’s no longer metallic. A +1 Steel Longsword could instead be a +1 Stone Longsword. Switch out the metal to something else, such as bone, stone, wood, scale, chitin, etc. Use your imagination! Make your magical weapons as cool as you want…just try to avoid metal if you can for now.

Here’s an example

Item Level My Item Name Basic Item Enchantment Source
2 +1 Broadsword of Aftershock Broadsword Aftershock Weapon +1 Adventurer’s Vault 2
2 +1 Battleaxe of Bloodclaw Battleaxe Bloodclaw Weapon +1 Adventurer’s Vault
3 +1 Delver’s Hide Armor Hide Armor Delver’s Armor Player’s Handbook


To get you started, below is a list of links to your wishlist pages. I’ve added the item template to the page, so all you have to do is fill it in. Please try to have these completed before our next session. If you don’t complete a wishlist, don’t complain when you get a magical weapon or armor that you don’t like.

Austen’s Wishlist
Brandy’s Wishlist
Edward’s Wishlist
Jared’s Wishlist
Spart’s Wishlist
Steff’s Wishlist
Steve’s Wishlist
Timmy’s Wishlist

As The Sleeper Awakes

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